WordPress Website: Pence and Panache

Pence and Panache is a bridal boutique located in Burleson, TX. They provide bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, tuxedos, accessories, and more for Burleson, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities.

In building their site, Pence and Panache had several key elements they wanted to address. They wanted: a pop-up on the home page to add names to their email marketing list, to showcase the designers they carry, to sell samples and accessories through their site, to have a blog that connected to social media, to have a way to showcase bridal success stories, and a way for brides to schedule appointments online.

Gonzo Strategies built a WordPress website to accomplish all of this that remained cohesive with the rest of their branding and marketing pieces.

We have used Gonzo Strategies since 2012 and have enjoyed his graphic services, he definitely aims to please! He was very creative and gave us a wonderful logo that stands out and sets us apart! 5 stars!
Randi Coffer

Marketing/Advertising, Pence & Panache Bridal Boutique

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