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Gonzo Strategies was brought in to help brand our company through logo design, website design, and marketing materials; all of which has put our small business into a larger consumer market. The creativity and professional quality we get makes us look comparable to a much larger corporation
Abigail M.

Operations Director, Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is based in Fort Worth, TX, and provides health and wellness education through a series of classes taught throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area; as well as select cities in Oklahoma.

The key elements Healthy Lifestyle Secrets needed on their site were: notification of upcoming classes, ability to register and pay for classes, and the ability to sell the lines of food and supplements that complement their courses.

Their previous site was able to accomplish part of this, but the e-commerce element was being handled by a separate site. Their previous solution also lacked the ability to go directly from enrollment to payment. Nor was it able to handle class discounts for special offers Healthy Lifestyle Secrets used to grow class participation.

We were able to find a set of WordPress options that would accomplish everything on the same site and handle all of the variables. When someone enrolls they are immediately redirected for payment. On the payment form they are able to use any of the variety of discount options available to them. This is also integrated with a simple e-commerce platform to sell the complementary products for the program.

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets tells us that this new system saves them loads of time and effort. It also saves them a great deal of money by not having to maintain two separate systems for online marketing.

While not visible to the public, Gonzo Strategies also created an additional private site for Healthy Lifestyle Secrets to use for certifying their trainers. Trainers can access the private site directly, or through a link on the main Healthy Lifestyle Secrets site.

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