Marketing Materials: Knowledge For Success

Knowledge For Success is a non-profit organization based in Fort Worth, TX. They are a resource and education center for new businesses and existing small businesses in the Fort Worth area. They provide educational resources, business counseling, networking, and training to area entrepreneurs.

When Knowledge For Success opened its doors they hit the ground running. They had time to have their logo design completed, business cards made, and a basic website developed. However, because their growth happened so fast they hadn’t taken time to develop the rest of their marketing materials. Gonzo Strategies worked with Knowledge For Success to round things out and complete their branding and marketing materials.

We developed a tagline to translate their marketing message into a concise phrase that resonates with the emotions of their clients and conveys their mission. We then completed their branding by developing professional letterhead and electronic stationery. Finally we wrote and designed their brochure – their primary marketing collateral piece for area chambers, organizations, and networking events.

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