Logo Design & Branding: Tonya Cunningham Ministries

Tonya Cunningham is a minister who specializes in offering grief counseling to individuals and families in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Additionally, Tonya speaks on the topics of death, dying, and dealing with grief to various churches and organizations throughout the area.

For her logo design and branding we represented the emotional growth that comes over time when someone is grieving by showing the changing and evolving shape of the butterfly. By tying this symbol to her name we illustrated how the growth is aided by working with Tonya.

In addition to the standard pieces of her identity package, we also created fold-over note cards she could use to send follow-up notes to her clients to remind them that she’s always there if they need her.

In addition to Tonya’s branding, Gonzo Strategies also created her website. Click her to view information on Tonya’s site.

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