Logo Design & Branding: Retro

Traditionally the Burleson Chamber of Commerce annual gala celebrates a different city each year. However, 2012 marked the City of Burleson’s centennial celebration. So rather than celebrating a place, the 2012 Burleson Chamber Gala celebrated a time – specifically 100 year’s worth of time.

The Burleson Chamber contacted Gonzo Strategies to take on the tasks of developing a name for the event, performing the logo design, and creating consistent branding. We developed “RETRO: A Timeless Gala Celebrating 1912-2012.”

Because the term “Retro” means different things to different people, we wanted to convey the same idea for the logo. Different people see the branding in different ways. Some see the logo as looking behind you with the past getting farther away. Others perceive it as looking forward with the future getting closer.

To help round out the concept Gonzo Strategies put together an added design element illustrating the passage of time, with iconic images to highlight each decade.

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