Logo Design & Branding: Jane Hardwick Counseling

Jane Hardwick offers professional counseling to individuals and families in the Fort Worth area. When she opened her new office she required a new logo design and branding strategy to go with it.

Gonzo Strategies developed a logo and branding strategy built around Jane’s needs, her audience, and her philosophy. We created her initial logo concept to reflect the growth her clients achieved by working with her. Based on our initial interview, we discovered that the clients Jane helps the most are those who are dealing with trauma, depression, or an issue that kept them bogged down in emotional pain. Using this as the foundation, Gonzo Strategies developed her key messaging to reach her audience and the tagline “Your Tomorrow Can Feel Better Than Today.”

Gonzo Strategies completed the branding identity by writing content for her website to address each segment of her audience, reworked her bio to address the needs of her audience, and rounded out the design elements of her identity by creating the rest of her basic marketing materials: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and note cards.

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