creative-marketing-fort-worthI started Gonzo Strategies with the idea that everything I do for my clients would be done with neuromarketing in mind.  This was a new concept for Fort Worth so I often had to answer the question, “What is neuromarketing?”

Before I tell you what Neuromarketing is, I want to debunk some assumptions you probably made when you first heard the term.

Neuromarketing is NOT subliminal advertising or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).   Those are “push tactics,” meaning they push a concept or idea into the minds of your audience.   While this can generate sales for you in the short-term, it can damage your brand’s reputation when the influence has faded and buyer’s remorse sets in.  If you have a customer with buyer’s remorse you probably won’t be able to sell to them again AND they will most likely start badmouthing your brand.

Neuromarketing is the opposite of NLP.  With Neuromarketing you “pull” your audience by tapping into the decision-making parts of their mind that have been hard-wired over time.  The methods used in Neuromarketing are designed to “give ‘em what they want” even before they know they want it.

The principles of Neuromarketing were developed after a very extensive international study conducted by some of the world’s foremost authorities on branding and marketing.  By mapping the brain’s response to specific branding tactics, scientists were able to discover unconscious buying habits.  Gonzo Strategies uses the results of these Neuromarketing studies as the foundation for developing our client’s marketing.  We tap into the needs your audience may not even know they have so you can present your product or service in a way that satisfies their primal needs, not just their obvious ones.

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