7 Steps to Promotional Product Success

Choosing the right promotional products for marketing your company should only happen after you’ve answered the following seven questions. Your answers will eliminate products that aren’t a good fit for you. They will make your product selection easier and increase your chances of a successful promotional products campaign.

#1 Your Business:

What’s your USP (Unique Selling Position)? What sets you apart? What’s the message in your existing marketing? An effective promotional product should blend with your other marketing materials.

#2 Your Audience:

Who’s your audience? What promotional products have value for them? What promotional products don’t have value for them? Just like all of your marketing, the things your audience values are more important than things you value.

#3 The Goal:

Are you getting your name out? Are you using your product as a “Free with Purchase” sales incentive? Are you using it as a sales call leave behind? Are you trying to get customers into a retail shop? Is it a “thank you” gift for your current clients? While promotional products can be used for more than one purpose, it’s important to have a primary goal in mind when you choose your promotional products.

#4 Distribution:

Will the product be used in a direct mail campaign (a great way to boost responses, by the way)? Is it a giveaway for an expo or trade show? Will you be delivering them in person? Will you be reselling them in a retail store? It’s critical to consider the logistics of distributing your products to your target audience. You need a plan to get them into the hands of your audience.

#5 Previous Experience:

What promotions have you done in the past? Were they successful? Do you even know if they were successful? The ultimate goal of any promotional product is to grow your business. You should have a way of gauging the success of your promotional products. If you don’t know how to do this – we can help you with it.

#6 Your Competition:

“Me too” promotional marketing is a big mistake. You should never use the exact same products in the exact same way as your competitors. You run the risk of confusing your audience and sending them to your competition.

#7 The Budget:

Promotional products are available to fit just about any size budget, but you need to define what that budget is. Setting a price range per item and an overall project cost is one of the easiest ways to eliminate products that don’t work for you. Remember, there are often set-up charges and shipping costs.

Now that you’ve answered the seven questions you’re ready to start thinking about product selection.

Send us your answers on our promotional products questionnaire and we’ll work on finding your best options. If a solid product idea came to you, send us a request for options and pricing. Research and Product Info Request

Keep these questions in mind and you’ll be better equipped to find ideas that are right for you.

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